Olen monena iltana pakertanut töitä näytille uuden nettikaupan - Arteenin - sivuille. Miten erilaista onkaan tehdä jotain minkä tietää tulevan näkyville ja arvosteltavaksi... jännittää, pelottaa, hermostuttaa ja ties mitä.

Had anyone asked me three years ago to apply for a place in Design Team, I would have laughed hard. At that time I was starting to discover my "hidden resources" - until that I had considered myself uncreative. But here I am, listed as a DT-member for Arteeni, a new Finnish online store and idea gallery. Be sure to visit the site, the owner has been working hard to get it all done and it should be ready any day now.


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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Minna! ((waving)) HI! it's Shannon, AKA Colagirl7 :~). Congratulations on your well deserved DT position! You know I have always admired your creations. You were one of my favorite swappers, always going beyond the call of duty.
Your puzzle piece is way cool too, the pink ladies, etc.. all very cool! You have been missed in the forum. Now I know why you have not been there as much. ;~)
I plan to use the tag set you made for my cyber baby shower, very soon. I'll try to contact you to share it. (((HUGS)))