Almost 2006...

Can't believe how fast the year has gone by! During the past few years I've refused to make any new year's resolutions, but I will try to do the following in 2006:

  • iron work clothes (at least every now and then)
  • keep my craft stuff under control
  • not to buy any cute stuffed animals for DD (don't tell her, pls)
  • make and send more cards


Let it snow!

Not too many words needed here, give a 5-year-old kid warm clothes, tons of snow and a sledge :) All this snow is right on our backyard!

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The importance of friends

I'm having a mellow moment here (as in "made gentle by age or experience", not like I'm drinking in the afternoon) :)

I cleared out the dinner table and read again the numerous Christmas cards we received this year, many of them handmade by the wonderful ladies I've met online in various craft forums. Thank you ladies, you rock!

Also, a big thanks to my real life friends for being there for me when needed: K., J., H., M., G., A. and others. Dunno what I'd do or be without you.


Ok, back to real life now, must hang laundry and get DD from daycare! 9 days off from work and daycare, the holidays are here!!


Christmas panic?

Aha, no panic (really!) in our household. I've bought all the five presents I'm giving this year (one to DH, 3 to DD and one for them to share) and I've told Santa's little helper that all I need is peace and quiet!

DD doesn't buy the Santa thing anymore, a couple of weeks ago she asked me "mom, is there really a Santa?". I asked her what she thought and she let out a big sigh and said "mom, I'm afraid there's no real Santa". I confirmed her fears but she didn't really break down or anything, she just wanted to know if things go on as before. She gets to wish for one "big" present which Santa brings, or from now on, mommy and daddy buy, and all the rest comes from relatives. She gets averages at about 7 presents a year. And her big present this year is the silly little battery operated dog, Doggy. I'm not sure how our cat will feel about it!

But, I'm almost ready to face the holidays, need to stock up on candy and coffee and maybe go rent a few movies!

Happy holidays!!



Likka on nyt 5-v. Ei kuulemma tunnu erilaiselta. Lahjapaketteja sattui olemaan viisi, kun paketoin kaiken erikseen, nyt se luulee että ens vuonna tulee kuusi pakettia. Oho.

DD's 5th b-day! Can't believe it... She says she doesn't feel any different yet. I may have made a costly mistake when I wrapped all her little pressies in individuals parcels, they added up in five pressies and now she thinks she will get six next year!! Eek! LOL!


Sick and tired.

I've been pretty much out of it for the past week, a nasty cold hit me. Feeling a little better now, even managed to finish my second patch of Christmas cards -- I have now 40+ ready to go! Supersimple designs, mind you!

Here is my little helper, Aksu the Cat. He likes to steal my UM stamps and loves it whenever I take out any fibers.

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