Thank you SAY2!

My secret friend sent me these: tags and a lovely crafts magazine from 1959! Thank you so much, I love the mag especially!

SAY2 lähetti jo viime viikolla nuo tagit ja tällä viikolla kilahti ihana käsityölehti vuodelta 1959! Oi onnea :) Kiitos!


Keeping things simple is good.

Here's a retro LO I did for a friend's circle journal. The text is about how I don't remember the name of my first grade teacher but I do remember her clothes. So 70s!


Cat in a Box.

He's been keeping me company...There might be something crafty happening later today or early tomorrow!



Caught a cold. Feeling tired and uninspired. Will be back asap!



This is so not my regular style, but fun to make! It's a little box for Ansku, who is the hardworking hostess behind our current circle of secret friends.

Anskulle meni tämmöinen loota, joka ei ole yhtään samanlainen kuin työni yleensä, mutta iloisen keväinen!!


More matchboxes!

I had forgotten how addictive these little things are! The photos are fuzzy, I used my mobile's camera...

Edited: The first one was the blog giveaway and the second one my contribution to a swap hosted by Kaisuliina and found its home at Hemmamamma's.

Ylempi laatikko oli blogini arpajaisvoitto ja toinen meni Hemmamammalle Kaisuliinan järkestämässä swapissa.

DD loved making them as well and we dug into my stash of stickers to decorate hers and to fill it up, too. Isn't she a darling??!!


Giveaway! Arpajaiset!

Edited: The winner is Ingridha! Voittaja on Ingridha!

I have a decorated matchbox filled with small goodies to give away. Leave a comment by Tuesday 9 am (Finnish time...) and you will enter this draw :) Please leave a link to your blog if you have one, so I know who reads mine and can pay a visit to you, too!

Arvon tiistaiaamuun klo 9 mennessä kommenttinsa jättäneiden kesken koristellun tikkuaskin, joka on täytetty pikkuylläreillä. Kipinkapin kommentoimaan ja jättäkää mahdollisen bloginne osoite, että mie tiijän kuka täällä käy!

Matchbox shrine.

Here's what I made for my "secret sister" last month, a little decorated matchbox with an inchie inside.


Hers and mine.

My DD is very dedicated: she makes cards for all the kids in the daycare group for Xmas, Valentine's and Easter. These are her 20+ cards:

This is mine. I made one card this Easter. How pathetic is that?!


And there was more!

My secret friend sent me another package today, with lovely vintage images to be used in various projects.

SAYni muisti minua tänäänkin: postissa tuli ihanaisia vintage-kuva-arkkeja, joista suuuuuri kiitos!

SAY2 is on!

Yesterday was a wonderful mail day, I got cute stuff from Hemmamamma and a lovely package from my secret friend (round 2)! I asked for some miniatures for a project and I got them along with lovely papers, a cute card and chocolate!

Kiitos SAYni, paperit ovat ihania, ja nuo pikkukupit juuri sellaisia kuin toivoinkin! Suklaa maistui illalla salaa lapsen nukkumaan mentyä, kun eikös tää ollut kaikki salaista?!


Create in peace.

Ok, this is a bit of a Sunday sermon-type of a posting, so be warned :)

I have a few blogs that I follow on a regular basis and a bunch of others I visit every now and then. What breaks my heart is people commenting without realising that words can be read in so many different ways: if you're having a bad day, it doesn't take much to get hurt over a comment that you in any other day might laugh at. I just finished a round of blog reading and ran into a "but she said, that they said"-type of a situation that involved quite a few people being hurt. Very sad.

But here comes the sermon; I want to believe that we all create to the best of our abilities and with sincerity. I've come across work I don't necessarily like, but I appreciate the effort the person has put into the work. Everyone's vision is different. I've come across swaps where someone's input has left me wondering if they might have put more effort into their work, but since I don't know them in real life, I can't know if they just had the worst week of their lives and tried to keep going by creating. Who knows, maybe someone is looking at my work and going "what the heck is she doing and why?!". I do my best to create in peace and would like to see everyone else get their peace and space to do their thing.

Am I being naive? Sure! I am the first to admit that I my faith in people backfires way too often, but if being naive gets me through the day... :)

Go create something now. In peace. For you.