On a Rainy Day.

On such a rainy and grey day, one can only wish for a summer holiday in the coutryside.



The first two are available for trade via flickr, I'm keeping the last one for my private collection, I kinda like it!


I can't believe I didn't take a photo of...

my DD's brand new pair of skates when they were in the oven for five minutes. Yes, in the oven. The things you do to help your kids... Oh, and the reason was that when you gently heat the shoe for five minutes, it moulds to your foot easier. Maybe I should stick the skates into a cold oven and snap a photo??



Nothing seems to get done here. Oh well... At least I got some swaps finished! The top row is for a "time"-themed one, the next one is for "my favourite colour" and the last one is "kids".


Reorganising. Again.

My supplies have taken over our bedroom. DH built new desks and shelves in a room downstairs and has kindly (but firmly) requested I move my stuff there. Gladly!
In the process, stuff will be evaluated and some will be sold. See what is available on my flickr.

(muuttomyynti...kts. flickr-sivuni, linkki oikealla alhaalla.



I forgot to post a pic of my new goodies. I placed an order with Speckled Egg -- need I say more?