I'm stuck with our travel album from last summer. The photos are so cute, mostly of DD enjoying her first trip to Germany. I got the album, I got the papers but I can't get past the journalling... darn. I can feel the journalling, but when I try to get it into words... blank.


Sing along

Highly recommended singalong song for any occassion really: Twisted Transistor by Korn. Hey you...


Shh, listen to the sound of silence...

DH and DD are visiting grandparents', so it's pretty quiet around here at the moment!Ahh, the blissful sound of silence. I think I will go and put on some loud music now!


Cleaning the desk...

or more like digging it out, lol! I'm doing a fun (and useful) organisational challenge at about.com and here's my first task, clearing my space.


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Image hosted by Photobucket.com