Preparing for a crop!

I'm so happy, we are having a crop on Saturday! I have a pile of photos and now I'm trying to decide what size I want to work on -- I think I should go for 12 x 12 because I do so little of it! I love 6 x6 and 8 x 8 and since my style is so minimalistic they are just easier canvases for me to use. But a girl needs a little challenge, right??

So look out for new work on Saturday evening!


Not ATCs :)

How do I know if I'm middle-aged?
Applications are not returned.



I'm having computer probs, hard disc failure... I now remember what I forgot to do a couple of weeks ago, make backups...hopefully I can restore at least some of my stuff...in the meanwhile, go make backups!


Thank you my secret friend, SATCY!

Many thanks to my secret friend who sent me these two lovelies:

Kiitos Satcyni näistä kaunokaisista, kortit ovat aivan upeat! Miksi minusta tuntuu että käsialasi on tuttu?! Voi ei kun mie oon aina niin huono näissä salapoliisihommissa....


Week 2.

Second challenge here. As the topic was to deal with something, anything, that you have been putting off, the journalling got very personal. Too personal to share in detail. But it's about a fear I want to leave behind and move on with my life.

Daily cards.

Still working on my stash :)


More cards.

The two ATCs I made last night: Days don't really have names (left) and Serious problems (right). Had a good laugh when realised that the map-patterned paper had the place Hatfield (Herts.) on it. Had some good times there back in 1988 (and some bad ones too).


My challenge.

So this is my personal challenge, but anyone is welcome to join me! I have a box full of stuff, you know, the odds and ends, pieces of paper, old mags, stickers, stuff that I've never bothered to sort out. The box is kind big, too. So I will try to make two cards out of the stuff every night as I watch tv. Here is what I made last night. I did take out an ink pad from another box :)

Texts: Can you bake? (left) and Welcome the spring every natural woman hopes for (bad translation...).


Three ATCs.

Just something small I made last night. The first two are available for trade via flickr.


Myynnissä (in Finnish only).

Laitoin myyntiin haaraniittejä ja muovikirjaimia. Ostakaa pois, jos hinnat kirpaisevat, tehkää tarjous :) Postikulut yhdistellään!

Basic Grey Heaven.

My secret friend sent me such a lovely parcel today that I don't know what else to say than thank you!!

Satcyni muisti minua tällä kertaa Basic Greyn papereilla, ihania ja niin kauniissa paketissa! Kiitos tuhannesti, pakko ehtiä askartelemaan näistä jotain pianpianpian!!


Weekly challenge.

There are tons of challenges going on for scrappers, journallers, card makers, anyone. I'm doing this one because it's a weekly one, and it sounds like a lot of fun.

Below is my list of five things I want to do this week for me :) Enjoy coffee or tea with someone, go and see a movie with DD, write a letter and wait for a reply, use the new exercise bike and play with the cat, or at least take a nap with it.