Shhh...work in progress.

I've been stamping and cutting and messing about with inks so later tonight I will try to set up an assembly line, there will be new work to show. But now I'm off to get milk and bread and other exciting stuff :)


Brilliant mailday!

It feels like Xmas, because yesterday the mailman brought me not only bills but two lovely packages filled with such amazing supplies that I think I need to quit my job and stay home and play!

The first one is from my friend Anja in Germany, she was my secret sister many many many years ago and we have kept in touch. Anja, you are too generous!! I love everything and DD loved the stickers and the wallies and she got some of the sparklies as well.

And the second one is from my current secret friend, who is spoiling me rotten! I want to know who you are and where you get these things from!! I can't possibly wait until the end of June to get to know your true identity!!

Sayni, olet taas yllättänyt minut tällä upealla paketilla! Kuka kumma oikein olet... Kiitos tuhannesti!

Kid art with wire and beads.

My DD (6 yrs) amazes me every day with her talent and her good heart. This is a beaded fairy/angel she made for a friend at daycare. She asked for some wire and beads and after a few minutes for a little help. The design is all hers, I helped her to put the parts together. I knew I was right when I decided to make all sorts of supplies available to her, this kid rocks! The photo, however, is horrid....sorry.


Inner turmoil.

"Although he was able to keep his composure, he was in inner turmoil."

Scanned and printed vintage photo, with gesso, chalks, inks, a paper ornament and cut-outs from a 1960s novel.


Totally spoiled!

I'm so spoiled by my secret friend, look what she sent me! Four vintage photos that I will first scan in for later use and then... alter them away! I have my stash of vintage photos from my grandmother's belongings, but they are too valuable for me to alter so these ones are perfect! Thank you sooo much. Oh and there were some cool coins, too, and a card.

Voi SAYni, nyt iskit suoraan kultasuoneen tai johonkin hermoon, nämä kuvat ovat siis aivan täydellisiä! Skannaan ne ensin, että voin printata kuvia myöhempään käyttöön, varsinkin tuon etummaisen herran hiuslaite on sitä luokkaa, että sitä on pakko hyödyntää monesti :) Mutta sitten tarkoitukseni on tuunata näistä jotain toivottavasti kivaa! Kiitos tuhannesti ja aivan kamalasti ja voi että mie oon aivan töpinöissäni nyt just! :)


Mother's Day.

Having a wonderful Mother's Day, DD made me a bead necklace at preschool and I made DH help her with a minialbum as well, so pressies were good. There was also plenty of sleep, ice cream and pizza! And a bit of time to make three ATCs:

Cut-outs from my old mags, chalks, and a piece of old wallpaper, oh and some prima flowers :)

Today I'm happy for the sunshine (top).
You darn cheater. The thought of insecurity. (bottom)
It's pleasant to dream. But at the end of the day, you need to live in the world of people, not dreams. (side)


Look at these!

Another lovely pressie from my secret friend! There was also chewing gum included in the packet, but it was gone before I got to take the (bad) photo. Our camera is acting up, so I'm using my mobile phone...

Kiitos SAY tästä kivasta paketista, purkat meni ennenkuin pääsin kuvaamaan, ja nuo miniastiat aiheuttivat lapsessa pientä katkeruutta, "äiti, sulla ei oo ees nukkekotia, epistä". Nyt pitäisi vaan saada sitä aikaa käyttää näitäkin ihanuuksia!