Secrets revealed!

My secret friend, SAY, was Maikki. I can't believe it's you girl, I know you from a yahoo-group! Too funny! I thought it was someone I knew because the presents were so right and so "me"! Thank you, kiitos, merci, tack, danke!

This is what I got today from Maikki:

And I got to spoil Reeta :)



I did a swap with a group of wonderfully talented ladies over at Tiina's. Here's what I sent in:

Who are you, SAY?

I thought I had you figured out a while back, but now I'm back at square one! Who are you??
Thanks for the lovely things I received earlier this week, you are soooo generous!


Kid art for Midsummer.

Goodie bags.

Look what amazing goodies I got from Johanna! Thank you so much! Gotta love goodie bag swaps!



A couple of ATC I did while DD was playing on the yard. Using a lot of goodies from recent swaps, and experimenting with stuff I normally don't use, like little angels!


You want my trash?

This is my trash for today. It's yours for an ATC. First one to comments gets it. More trash will be offered next week!


For Oliveria.

This lovely card by Oliveria will soon be mine! In return, she will be getting two ladies and a small boy:


SAY does it again.

And another set of goodies arrives! Thank you, again, and now I think I might have a clue as to who you are! Or I might be terribly wrong :)


Down the memory lane....

This reminded me of a photo I took of DD when she was one. My kid. In a plastic cake cover thingie.


Summertime blues.

I think I need to clear my desk...

I have in fact already started , gotta love ziplock baggies, the big ones!

But why bother about the cleaning, as I seem to manage to scrap in the middle of the (creative) mess?! Here's a layout I started this morning, it still needs to be put together and I need to do the journalling.

Makes you wonder how much I would scrap if I was more organised....

Wanna show me your desk?


Maybe, maybe not.

I'm not too sure about this one....it's a lot busier than my cards normally are...what do you think, ok or not so ok?