Happy New Year.

Another year about to end. A new one about to begin. Lots of hopes and wishes, no promises or resolutions. See you in 2008!


Quick update.

We are heading home tomorrow. DD has been very happy playing with her cousins and to make things even better, she's been downhills skiing, three times. I was teasing her about becoming a ski bum and because she didn't know what it meant I told her to google it :)

While it has been fun and good, it's great to go back home. I miss my stuff :) I don't think I could ever live out of a suitcase (unless I had to).


Happy Holidays!

Dear readers, friends and relatives (not in any particular order),
Wishing you all happy holidays! After DD's school Xmas party tomorrow morning, we're off for a few days --> you can find us here! See you before New Year!


Kid art.

DD made this necklace for a friend last night. She planned the colours and the order of beads and carefully chose the centerpiece, she is so much more organised than I am :)


Another surprise from my secret friend -- toinen SATCY lähetys!

Ah, with the constant stream of bills coming in the mail, it's a pleasure to get something as sweet and cute as what my secret friend sent me: a Xmas card, a small text stamp, buttons and ribbon. Perfect! Oh and there was some candy but it never made it to the photo...

Kiitos Satcy jouluylläristä, leimasin on tosi kiva ja napit lupailevat iloisia yllätyksiä :) Rauhallista joulunodotusta sinullekin!



An ATC I made from the pretty pictures that I got from my Satcy (secret ATC friend).


Merry merry....

It's raining but DD and I started to work on Xmas cards. I bought supercute inchies from Tuscan Rose and I thought I'd do something simple with them. Well heat embossing and messing around with wire ain't simple for me....


Satcy - secret ACT friend.

I'm participating in a round of secret friends, this time with focus on ATCs. These lovely goodies came in the mail today, 20 lovely pictures in a little folder thingie and a card. Thank you!

Kiitos Satcyni, ihania kuvia ja niin kauniisti taiteltu taskunen niille!