Sunshine. Fresh air. Dirty windows. Dust and cat hair on every surface. Stuff everywhere. Must declutter. Gotta love some of the Flylady ideas, like spending 15 minutes a day decluttering; it really does make a difference!


One more.

Aha, a second post for today! Just went through my files and found this little thing: it's a small card I did for a challenge [see also the the post titled "Recycle"] so all materials except cardstock came from an envie that was going around. People took what they wanted, made cards and added new stuff. Come to think of it, the envie might still be travelling!

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Pretty in pink?

I needed two cards, so I whipped up quick ones; one with punchies and one with supersimple stamping. Some distress inks and chalks on the background.

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Finished also a bunch of ATCs, but will not publish them until the swap they are for has gone postal. So something to look forward to?


Gotta love the kid.

DD drives me crazy at times, but gotta love her serious questions about life and her concerns about things like packing enough lunch for our train trip (5.5 hours). I thought I had packed enough, but no... the first thing she told her grandparents was that "please make sure there is more food for the return trip..." She also takes her candy seriously, as shown below.

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Off for a few days.

I'm taking DD to visit her grandparents' for a few days. Should be good fun for her, a lot of attention and cross-country skiing with grannie! I look forward to catching up with my journal (which I got for new year's and never started...).



Had a sudden urge to dress up a torso using all sorts of glittery things (digging into my stash of fancy papers and ribbons from candy boxes...). The torso itself was cut from a piece of cardstock I used to experiment with gesso and distress inks. Tons of fun!

Thanks Hanna-Kaisa for the idea!

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Gotta love postcrossing, with all the emails (mainly spam) I get every day, a good old-fashioned postcard is so much nicer!

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Finalised a circle journal entry for a friend today, her book has a vintage theme. I kept it simple, the title is " a secret about a woman" and the journalling tells about me and some of the books I grew up reading; Jane Eyre, Emma and Wuthering Heights. I do wish that my DD will read the same books one day....

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