Another small canvas.

This one was a pressie for a friend (say thank you:))

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Merry Xmas!

Ah, we are sooo taking the holidays easy! We didn't do a massive last minute shopping spree, we didn't clean every corner of the house, we are gonna have lasagna for dinner :)

DD is happy, she got her "big present" a couple of minutes ago, the cartoons are on, the rice porridge is getting done and, oh well, it's Christmas!

I'm planning to catch up with my Christmas journal today and tomorrow; I'm already giggling over the Xmas tree entry. We are not gonna have a tree this year (unless DH goes and gets one like in ten minutes) so DD and I are going to decorate DH :) I'm not sure if he will let me post photos, though!

So, from all of us, to all of you, a very merry Xmas!



A small canvas, inks, chalks and magazine cut outs. "Looking for a good person."

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Christmas Journal: Days 9 & 10

Ok, since Patience went out of order, so did I!

Day 9: Traditions

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We are still forming our own traditions as a family - last year was the first time we had a Xmas tree! Some things have been cleared out, however, e.g. no ham-eaters in our table. Our main course on Xmsa Eve is lasagna and we have vanilla ice cream for dessert. At least the rice porridge in the morning is a "traditional" thing.
We give out presents in "house style": Santa leaves little notes and hints where to find the hidden pressies.

(hidden journalling under the stamped image: "at this point in our lives, we are not quite as serene and peaceful as I'd like us to be, but getting there, maybe"

Day 10: Wrapping presents

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Disclaimer: If you are particular about your Christmans presents, the following journalling may cause you some distress.

Oh no, another of my little secrets comes out... I recycle wrapping papers. DD's and DH's presents get the best of the pick and the more crumbled ones go to DD when she wants to wrap up the little pressies she makes.
The few presents that I give to friends get a brown paper with stamped images.

(the little parcels at the bottom of the papers are samples from my collection and the years... oh well, yes I keep papers from 2004...)


Christmas Journal: Day 6

Catching up...I've done all the journalling in time, so I'm not falling too far behind!

For the good and less perfect memories I went into two layers, the "good" page can be opened up to reveal the "bad" one. I'm not gonna go into details on the bad memories here, but the stamped image gives you a good idea as its title says "confusion".

Journalling for the good memories (some of the names have been faded out): Xmas has always been a time to be with family and relatives -- food, laughter, talk, tons of coffee and an endless mountain of chocolate.
At home, mom used to cook the traditional dishes and the kids with their families always gathered together, sometimes auntie's family, too. On the 25th, we always went to auntie's house, where all my cousins also showed up.
Presents were usually at least funny, sometimes even practical. The best one ever was my nephew's pressie when he was about 10, we packed up a camera in a box that came with a multivitamin drink. As he unwrapped the paper, he kept his cool and thanked us but it was really difficult to get him to open the box.
Oh Xmas, oh memories!

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Christmas Journal: Day 5

How many days until Xmas?

Journalling: I think I always had an advent calendar when I was a kid, often one made by my sister, with little pressies! After mom died, I skipped several Xmases but of course DD has brought back the waiting for the holidays in our lives.
In 2002 Anja from Germany surprised me with a lovely star shaped calendar... and with 24 little goodies! Now I fill the same little boxes for DD, with hair pins, stickers and candy.
My regular calendar always fills up for December; Bdays, DD's hobbies, get-togethers with friends. Not too much time to clean or shop, but it's fine with me!
And this year I have a chocolate calendar, thanks to Kaya!

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Oh and I did the challenge part by adding number 19 (here we get the presents on the 24th so it's 19 days until Xmas for us) by sketching the numbers, inking them and embossing with clear embossing powder).


Christmas Journal: Day 4

Dream Christmas?

Journalling: This photo might not represent my dream Xmas as such, but it has some of the elements: peace, clarity, simplicity, light, space, but the most important element is missing. The people.

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Christmas Journal: Days 2 and 3

Day 2

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Journalling: Dashing through the snow
The Finnish winter is all about snow and coldness. It's December, the temperatures are above zero and it's raining. It's dark.
If there is no snow on Christmas, I don't know what becomes of our plans. DD dreams of sledding, I'd like to take a little walk before coming home to hot coffee and chocolates. Also Aksu the Cat is usually taken for a Christmas walk, he doens't like the snow but hates the rain so there better be snow before Christmas Eve.

(I need to apply some more chalks on this one, lol, it looks bland!)

Day 3

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Journalling: Christmas cards

Some years I make more cards than others, last year I topped 50, but I don't think I'll make as many this year.
DD has learned the cardmaking from me, and some of the best pre-Christmas moments are when we take out our supplies, put the candy somewhere near and work away. One needs energy!

Attached is the prototype for 2006.


Christmas Journal -- Thank you!

Wow, thanks everyone for your kind comments on my first Xmas journal page! I am trying to visit as many blogs as possible, but there are quite a few participants... I love all the different styles and viewpoints I've seen so far, the talent you all have, it's simply amazing!

I'm off to bed now, more pages will pop up tomorrow!

Christmas Journal: Day 1

I've started, supersimple but I figured this is the only way can I keep the thing going! A lot of inking and chalking, a black pen a couple of stamps should do it.

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Journalling (quick translation):
Christmas declaration
This is my Xmas journal for 2006. It's strange that I'm doing this because I don't even really like Xmas. However, I want to look at the past and tell those stories on to my DD. She loves Xmas!
I'm doing this journal for Shimelle's online class so the topics follow her prompts but the contents are all mine. I'll be sharing some pages with the world but some will be for my eyes only, and well, for DD.

For my office wall?

Cheap fun, a small canvas, some inks and chalks and one of my old magazines from 1959. I love the lines: "work builds character" and "I ended up here by accident".

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Christmas journal

Manifesto: Noun. A declaration of one's intentions.

Starting December first, I will keep a Christmas journal. In it, I will write something every day to reflect on the holidays of my past, enjoy the holidays of the present and dream about the holidays of my future. To some, this will be a stack of papers and trivial scribbles, but not to me. I am taking back my Christmas, I am letting it be something I relish and, most importantly, I am giving at least fifteen minutes every day to myself no matter how crazy this season becomes. I hope you will share, encourage and understand as I make something with my own hands, my own words and my own memories.

I may post some or all of my entries here. Other artists are doing this with me, and you can see their work here. Or you may
join us .

Above all: enjoy the season. I will try my best to do so, but you gotta understand something, I used to love Christmas as a kid, these days I have such mixed feelings about it... Maybe working on this journal will bring back the joy of Christmas for me, and also give me a chance to share some fun memories with my DD.