I'm currently....

...working on cleaning and organising stuff and packing up stuff for a week's trip with DD. We're off tomorrow so bye for now! These puzzle pieces are old but I still like them and want to make more....one of these days...


Things to do in July.

You can go round and round.

You can learn to use a water pump.
Or you can just go skating...


What one might hope for....

...says the title on this little piece I did yesterday, letter size heavy cs, paints, cut outs from old mags.


If you like blog candy, go to Maya's!

Maya is celebrating her over 10 000 visitors with a give away. Go check it out!


Once upon a time... /Olipa kerran...

...there was a scrapper who bought a huge pile of stickers from a friend because they were cheap. Some she used, some she gave to DD and some remain unused. I'm giving them away to the first Finn leaving a comment.

/ ...kerran askartelija, joka osti valtavan pino tarroja kaveriltaan, kun halvalla sai. Osalle oli käyttöä, osan sai lapsi ja osa kerää pölyä. Jos haluat 4 vajaata ja yhden täyden arkin tarroja (näkyvät osittain kuvassa), niin jätä kommentti.


Kids can levitate?


Thank you, Lehtipollo, for this:

All my favs seem to have received it already, so I will be superboring and not nominate anyone...
Maybe I need to find new sites to follow?

Kiitokset tästä kunniasta, kaikki suosikkini ovat tämän jo saaneet, joten on kai aika etsiä uusia blogeja luettavaksi. Jos luet tätä ja tiedät/epäilet että en ole käynyt luonasi visiitillä, niin jätä kommentti!


Not much going on.

Still a week to go before summer vacation starts for me. DD has been busy playing outside with her little friends but I'm not getting anything done. A small 6 x 6 lo is all I have to share, Colorful and Tired, says the title. The dark blue background scanned black.



Xing arranged a matchbox swap, and I got this pretty little thing from Liisa. My box went to Xing and its the brown one in her post. Gotta love small goodies!

Xingin tikkulootavaihdossa parikseni osui Liisa, jonka ihana aski oli täynnä kukkia, nauhoja, haaraniittejä... Kiitos sinulle, Liisa! Oma lootani meni vaihtoemolle.