Just some ATCs. If you want to trade, contact me via Flickr, see the link on the right-hand side.


For a friend's journal. This is an "then and now" thing: when I was a kid I had the image of the guardian angel hanging on my wall, and now I'm more fascinated with other types of images of angels. This was a fun one to do, because I could use images I love and I didn't have to get all soppy because I don't really believe in angels. Sometimes I get really carried away with journalling, you see!


Bad blogger.

Sorry, I've been out of here for a bit. Had a lot to do at work because as of Monday....I'm on annual leave. I took out some supplies already, need to finish two swaps next week and some other stuff, so do come back!



This is a canvas I made yesterday. Acrylic paints, microbeads, watch parts, inks and two photos cut in strips. I blurred the photos for this post :)


Play time!

Got some new goodies from Hannah Grey (btw, I highly recommend this place, Shosh is a wonderful lady and the service is great) so had to play a little. This stamp could be the one I've been looking for for years!!


More pages from the baby album and my baby!

Just a couple of pages from the baby album that I finished as a gift for friends. And my baby, who spent 12 days on interrail and is now back at home safe and sound!


Baby album.

I'm making a baby album for friends, here are some sample pages. I ran out of adhesive, of all things, so I will finalise this tomorrow. It's a 6 x 6, btw, and supersimple! Bazzill and Basic Grey, ah, bliss!

The 2-page layout didn't quite fit on my scanner so there's a bit missing on the pic.

Holding on to things.

Clearing my desk, I found all sorts of goodies I've been saving up for ... for what really? For the masterpiece I may never create, for the really fabulous idea I may never get, for scrapping the one amazing photo I may never take. Silly me. I will start using those precious supplies today. And I'm challenging you to do the same, hey, stuff comes and goes, but memories, they are forever, right?

If you want to use up something you've been holding onto, a pretty sheet of paper, a charm you love, stickers that make you giggle, post a photo of the finised word in your blog or site, leave a comment with a link and you may receive a little pressie from my stash :) I will draw the winner next Friday!

I wanna RAK you!

Been sorting out stuff again, and need to something with my overflooding box of fibers. I'm offering three baggies of fibers as RAKs so come and get them by leaving a comment!



Cleaning has got to be one of my least favourite things but now our house has reached a point where action needs to be taken so I've been cleaning and sorting out stuff and doing laundry and worrying about my kid who has taken ill on the road. I still have a few things I want to do tonight, so back to the cleaning I go!


Home alone.

It's really quiet here, and a little lonely at times, too. DH and DD have been gone since Thursday, they flew off to Switzerland and are making their way back by train, my 6-year-old has gone interrailing! They are having a blast and hopefully taking tons of photos and doing a bit of journalling in a book I gave them. Thank god for mobile phones!!

It's very quiet in here.
Nice but quiet.

Just cards.


Look again.

Just feeling a little silly here :)