Holding on to things.

Clearing my desk, I found all sorts of goodies I've been saving up for ... for what really? For the masterpiece I may never create, for the really fabulous idea I may never get, for scrapping the one amazing photo I may never take. Silly me. I will start using those precious supplies today. And I'm challenging you to do the same, hey, stuff comes and goes, but memories, they are forever, right?

If you want to use up something you've been holding onto, a pretty sheet of paper, a charm you love, stickers that make you giggle, post a photo of the finised word in your blog or site, leave a comment with a link and you may receive a little pressie from my stash :) I will draw the winner next Friday!

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Hey Sis, i´m just cleaning my desk too today :-)
You´re collecting- right??!! :-)
Me too!
Btw. have i ever said Thank you for the card you´ve send me??
thank you my dear!
Take care