Bad photo!

One day I will learn to take good photos of my work with a real digital camera, but until that you get this:


Cards with no soul.

I have been superbusy with work etc. and left a swap commitment to the last minute, resulting in cards that have no soul and make me rather unhappy. Lesson learnt, inspiration doesn't come automatically :(


All sorts of stuff!

First, congrats to DD for getting her math diploma! The kids in her class are practicing equations that result in 10-20, they have a five-minute test where you do 60 equations and when you nail them, you get your diploma. DD got hers on Valentine's Day, making it even sweeter!

Second, a 12 x 12 layout, titled Similar-Different. It's DD and her cousin, who are similar in so many ways, yet completely different.

And finally, thanks to my secret ATC-friend. This week we got supplies to make three ATCs that we then send back to the secret friend, once her identity has been revealed! Sooo much stuff, it's gonna be tough for me to use them all, because I have such simple style!

Satcyni, minkä teit! Ihania matskuja kolmeen korttiin, mutta kuinka kamalan paljon... tässä on haastetta meikäläisen superyksinkertaiselle tyylille!!! Mutta parhaani teen, ja aina on kiva koitella rajojaan, joten kiitos!



These little thingies travelled to Canada to Hannis. The left hand-side ATC is called "I don't do tools".


Thank You -- Kiitos Satcy!

Today I received another wonderful collection of images for ATC from my secret ATC friend. Thank you sooo much!

Kiitos Satcyni taas kerran aivan nappiin osuneista valinnoista, upeita kuvia! Kiitos myös hauskasta kortista!


Layout from Sat Crop!

Here's one of the 12 x 12 layouts I finished on Saturday -- and it's a two-pager, which is something I rarely do! Sorry for bad bad photos!

The title is "the best toys, the best laughs" and it tells about my DD's obsession to hold on to her toys, which she rarely plays with. However, she loves cardboard boxes, cardstock and tape :)