Happy New Year.

Another year about to end. A new one about to begin. Lots of hopes and wishes, no promises or resolutions. See you in 2008!


Quick update.

We are heading home tomorrow. DD has been very happy playing with her cousins and to make things even better, she's been downhills skiing, three times. I was teasing her about becoming a ski bum and because she didn't know what it meant I told her to google it :)

While it has been fun and good, it's great to go back home. I miss my stuff :) I don't think I could ever live out of a suitcase (unless I had to).


Happy Holidays!

Dear readers, friends and relatives (not in any particular order),
Wishing you all happy holidays! After DD's school Xmas party tomorrow morning, we're off for a few days --> you can find us here! See you before New Year!


Kid art.

DD made this necklace for a friend last night. She planned the colours and the order of beads and carefully chose the centerpiece, she is so much more organised than I am :)


Another surprise from my secret friend -- toinen SATCY lähetys!

Ah, with the constant stream of bills coming in the mail, it's a pleasure to get something as sweet and cute as what my secret friend sent me: a Xmas card, a small text stamp, buttons and ribbon. Perfect! Oh and there was some candy but it never made it to the photo...

Kiitos Satcy jouluylläristä, leimasin on tosi kiva ja napit lupailevat iloisia yllätyksiä :) Rauhallista joulunodotusta sinullekin!



An ATC I made from the pretty pictures that I got from my Satcy (secret ATC friend).


Merry merry....

It's raining but DD and I started to work on Xmas cards. I bought supercute inchies from Tuscan Rose and I thought I'd do something simple with them. Well heat embossing and messing around with wire ain't simple for me....


Satcy - secret ACT friend.

I'm participating in a round of secret friends, this time with focus on ATCs. These lovely goodies came in the mail today, 20 lovely pictures in a little folder thingie and a card. Thank you!

Kiitos Satcyni, ihania kuvia ja niin kauniisti taiteltu taskunen niille!



DD broke her collarbone today as she fell down from a high slide to the icy ground. She could have easily broken a lot more than a collarbone, so whoever was watching over her, thanks :) She's sore and tired, but insists on going to school tomorrow.



I'm a non-chronological scrapper, and the proof is below. A layout of my DD's Christmas party at daycare in 2002. She's currently learning her lines for her first Xmas do at school....


Sweet dreams.

Another layout from the crop, an 8 x 8, the fiber got a funky swirl in the scanner :)


And more.

Here's a supersimple 8.5 x 11 layout, Bazzill cardstock. I seem to be all about lines these days!


Another layout from the crop.

One the layouts I made yesterday, the title says "silly grin". And oops, the ribbon is coming off at the edge of the page, will fix that :)


Great day.

Oh man, what a great day; meeting a bunch of scrappers, getting to see them work, see cools tools and papers and stuff, tons of inspiraton! And I finished 9 layouts (some need texts to be added) so I'm one happy scrapper!

Here are three layouts from today, they are all 6 x 6.


Preparing for a crop!

Oh my goodness, we are having a crop tomorrow! I'm just shuffling thought photos, I have an ambitious target of 12 layouts (mind you, I am doing a lot of 6 x 6 pages these says) and a couple of cards for swaps.... but most of all, I'm gonna hang out with a bunch of scrappers!


Out of town for a few days.

I'm going to visit friends and relatives for a few days. Be back on Sunday, hopefully with a bunch of treasures to share (gonna raid my sister's stash of photos).


Play with food!

My DD loves decorating cupcakes and what better theme than Halloween. Very scary, and tasty!


On a Rainy Day.

On such a rainy and grey day, one can only wish for a summer holiday in the coutryside.



The first two are available for trade via flickr, I'm keeping the last one for my private collection, I kinda like it!


I can't believe I didn't take a photo of...

my DD's brand new pair of skates when they were in the oven for five minutes. Yes, in the oven. The things you do to help your kids... Oh, and the reason was that when you gently heat the shoe for five minutes, it moulds to your foot easier. Maybe I should stick the skates into a cold oven and snap a photo??



Nothing seems to get done here. Oh well... At least I got some swaps finished! The top row is for a "time"-themed one, the next one is for "my favourite colour" and the last one is "kids".


Reorganising. Again.

My supplies have taken over our bedroom. DH built new desks and shelves in a room downstairs and has kindly (but firmly) requested I move my stuff there. Gladly!
In the process, stuff will be evaluated and some will be sold. See what is available on my flickr.

(muuttomyynti...kts. flickr-sivuni, linkki oikealla alhaalla.



I forgot to post a pic of my new goodies. I placed an order with Speckled Egg -- need I say more?


Doctor's orders and Too much pressure.

Just what the doctor ordered.

And the daily dosage of George for Kaya-Papaya! Come and get it!

Math can put too much pressure on a little girl.


Higher and higher.

Just an ATC I made this morning.


And I scrapped.

Finally :) I don't do chronological scrapping, I take whatever photos I find and work my way from there on. Some times it's hard work, scrapping I mean, the memories can be really overwhelming. That's why I'm happy I did two photos from my childhood today, I did a brush-thing on the journalling, because it is pretty personal. Also did my wedding day photos, well, two of them :) All pages are 6 x 6, with Bazzill and Basic Grey.


Busy days and nights.

Being a parent to a first grader is a lot busier than I thought! Tomorrow I got some time to myself, so once I've done all the grocery shopping for the weekend... :)


Little bit of this and that.

Just a little bit of this and that on this piece I did yesterday. A pretty napkin, decoupage medium, mag cut-outs and inks.



Finished a bunch of ATCs for a swap. Feeling uninspired (maybe due to lack of sleep and the constant rain...).


Day off -- results.

Or a result, to be honest. I did some smaller stuff, but this is what I want to share. It's a 6 x 6 with Bazzill, Basic Grey and some ribbon. Journalling tells about my DD's sleeping habits, we had a family bed when she was a baby and she assumed that she could always sleep in the "big bed": in theory yes, but in practise not doable because she really takes her space. Now she is allowed in the big bed on Fridays :)

Rainy Monday.

On a rainy Monday like today there's nothing better than to be able to stay at home -- a well-deserved day off awaits for me! DD just left to school, accompanied by DH, so the house is mine. Coffee first, crafts next. Got some swaps to finalise, stuff to sort out for selling, and two fun photos that I want to scrap today. And if there is time, I want to plan some stuff to make for selling, gift tags etc.


Silly art doll.

There are some things I'm clearly not meant to do, like art dolls. I even got the legs wrong, lol!! But maybe this will encourage others to try new things, you know, as long as you can laugh at yourself...

Oh and this is an ATC.


Fun shopping, bad bad photo.

Look what I bought, that is if you dare to look. What a horrible photo!!



14.8. Starting school has set my DD on an emotional rollercoaster. There is some journallling on the card, a bit diff. to see.

15.8. And wow, true stories from the office already at this hour? I saw this cartoon on a paper I was reading last night and since working with computers is sometimes very frustrating, I thought this will most likely reflect my feelings today :)


Stuff for Tuesday.

Here are the two matchboxes I did for Kaisuliina's swap.

These little parcels are the prizes I sent to some of my readers, one is still waiting for its address!

And this is my mess. Very nice.

I will now go to my mess and do my daily something :)


First and last.

First day of school for DD -- all went well. Last day of vacation for me -- all is going well. The temperatures topped + 29 degrees Celcius and I am about to take DD skating as her figure skating practises begin!

And here's my daily something: "vacations and their use. The last day of vacation -- enjoy it"



I've been busy today, busy blogging and preparing for tomorrow -- a big day for us as DD starts school. She's a nervous wreck at the moment...

This is what I did to calm myself down. Surprisingly colorful for me! This is a 6x6" page in case you wonder.

PS. And I finished all the things on my to-do list (see below), the nap was short but sweet.


I realised that whenever I do a to-do list, it has only boring things like laundry or hoovering. Well today I spiced it up a little :) And yes, this is my "daily something".

Why? (Mainly in Finnish)

I haven't done one of these memes before, but when Omuli posted one about scrapbooking I had to do it :) One of the questions is why do I scrap and I think it deserves to be addressed in English, too. I scrap because all my life I've been told that I can't do anything creative, like draw or paint. But I can! I can combine paper and cardstock and feel good about it! Also, I don't want my DD to end up with a bunch of photos that have no stories to go with them. And I don't want to forget the stories either.

1. Kopioi alla olevat kysymykset omaan blogiisi ja vastaa niihin.
2. Jätä viesti kommenttilootaan niin käyn lukemassa vastauksesi.

Okei? Okei.

1. Kuinka kauan olet skräpännyt? Vuodesta 2002 (mitä on vaikea uskoa, kun näkee kuinka vähän valmista saan aikaan…) Mie en muuten skräppää, vaan skrappaan tai teen sivuja.
2. Mistä sait innostuksen skräppäämiseen? Olin yhdellä jenkkien kotiäitilistalla ja sieltä se lähti.
3. Miksi skräppäät? Ensinnäkin siksi, että mulle on aina sanottu, että en osaa tehdä mitään luovaa käsilläni, en piirtää, en maalata, en ommella. Ähäkutti, osaan kiinnittää paperia kartonkiin! Toiseksi siksi, että en halua että lapseni pyörittelee käsissään valokuvia tuntemattomista ihmisistä kun selvittelee kuolinpesääni. Ja kolmanneksi siksi, etten halua unohtaa tiettyjä tarinoita.
4. Paperi vai digi? Paperi. Vain paperi.
5. Onko sinulla skräppäysidolia? Ei varsinaista, enemmän ehkä sellaisia joiden töitä katselen ja ihailen, mutta en halua jäljitellä. Ali Edwards menee tuolle listalle.
6. Luettele viisi ehdotonta suosikkityökaluasi tai -tarvikettasi? Bazzil Basics -kartongit, Basic Grey-paperit, musta ohut tussi, nauhat ja haaraniitit.
7. Mikä on suosikkipaperimerkkisi/-valmistaja/-suunnittelija? Basic Grey.
8. Mistä lähdet liikkeelle sivun teossa? Tarinasta. Mulle tää koko juttu on tarinasta, ja kuvat joko osuu siihen tai ei, olen tehnyt myös sivuja ilman kuvia.
9. Kuvaile tyyliäsi: Yksinkertainen. Joskus joillekin liian yksinkertainen (löysin kerran netistä kommentin jossa sivuani ei oikein arvostettu, kun siinä oli vain kolme elementtiä :) ).
10. Tunnetko “livenä” ketään toista skräppääjää? Tunnen! Terveisiä Näprääjille!


Daily something with Ali E.

Finally something easy enough for me! Read about Ali Edwards' "daily something" and play along!

I'm doing this in ATC-size, using the stash of magazines and brochures I've collected over the years. Should be fun :) The journalling is on the back of the card saying: "sometimes someone else's ideas come at a perfect time for me. this is such a time."

Thank you.

Wow, thanks Lehtipollo!

I'd like to pass this on to Vasilisa the Fair.

Guess what I just did...I held a crop for two 6-year-old girls. Tons of flowers and butterflies and sparklies. Good fun! I will post photos later.


Myynnissä (In Finnish only).

Kesälomalla tuntuisi olevan aikaa penkoa laatikoita, ja löysin kasan minialbumeja, joita voit käydä katsomassa täältä:

(kun menet return to product, näet kirjasen kannen)

Tiedot: 12,5 cm x 12,5 cm kokoinen minialbumi (sisäsivut n. 11 x 11 cm), johon voit tallentaa rakkaimmat muistosi vaikkapa synttärilahjaksi. 10 aukeamaa vasemmalla sivulla on englannin kielinen teksti ja oikeanpuoleiselle sivulle voit lisätä valokuvan tai muun elementin. Voit tietysti myös peittää vasemman sivun omilla koristeluillasi, jolloin albumia voi käyttää vaikka vauvalahjana.

Kanteen voit pujottaa valokuvan, ja sisätakakannessa on kirjekuori, johon voit sujauttaa muistoja tai vaikka setelin.

Albumin ympärille on pujotettu paperinen vyöte, jonka voit irrottaa. Mukana on myös sopiva kirjekuori sekä pieni vinkkivihkonen, jossa kerrotaan miten voit albumia koristella.

Tarjolla on seuraavia malleja:

  • ten things I love about my mother (oranssi)
  • ten things I love about my dad (lilansininen)
  • ten things I love about my daughter (vaaleanpunainen)
  • ten things I love about my husband (ruskea)
  • ten things I love about my son (vihreä)

Hinta: 3 euroa kappale, sis. postikulut. Joitain on useampia, joten kysy ihmeessä! Yhteydet s-postilla moonunit36 (at) gmail.com


Blogilista (in Finnish only).

Hei hei hei, Blogilista sanoo, että minulla on 28 tilaajaa...ketä te olette, olkaa ystävällisiä ja jättäkää kommentti niin pidetään arpajaiset! Jookojookojooko?

Edit: Arvottu on ja Tristesse, Zanape ja Katja saavat atc-aiheisen kirjeet ensi viikolla! Kiitos kaikille kommentin jättäneille, oli vanhoja tuttuja ja uusia, mikä on aina kivaa!



Working on swaps.

I got two ATC-swaps to finish, and some matchboxes to decorate and fill, so off to work I am! Hopefully there will be photos tomorrow, so pls come back :)



Thanks Sari!

I will pass this compliment on to:

-C- [Tant C]



Just some ATCs. If you want to trade, contact me via Flickr, see the link on the right-hand side.


For a friend's journal. This is an "then and now" thing: when I was a kid I had the image of the guardian angel hanging on my wall, and now I'm more fascinated with other types of images of angels. This was a fun one to do, because I could use images I love and I didn't have to get all soppy because I don't really believe in angels. Sometimes I get really carried away with journalling, you see!


Bad blogger.

Sorry, I've been out of here for a bit. Had a lot to do at work because as of Monday....I'm on annual leave. I took out some supplies already, need to finish two swaps next week and some other stuff, so do come back!



This is a canvas I made yesterday. Acrylic paints, microbeads, watch parts, inks and two photos cut in strips. I blurred the photos for this post :)