Say: Thank You, Say!

I'm doing a fun round of "secret sisters" with Hiekkaoliivi and my SAY sent me the most wonderful package. Look at all these seriously cool goodies I got:

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Papers in brown and rich shades of orange, a fun accordion album and letterstickers.

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Cute postcards and look at all the metal I got; I love the little swords!

Thank you, kiitos, merci, tack and danke schön!

Ja vielä varulta suomeksi, ettei vaan kenellekään jää epäselväksi, että SAYni on onnistunut valinnoissaan aivan loistavasti: noiden paperien sävyt ovat niin kauniita, ettei niille mikään skannaus tee oikeutta, tuo minialbumi on hauska ja metalli.... umm, minua ei turhaan kotona sanota metallimamaksi! Nauroin ääneen kun näin nuo minimiekat, aivan hulvattoman hauskoja!! Kiitos, SAY tästä upeasta paketista!


Dinner and coffee are now being served.

Here are the ATCs I made for the swap at Hiekkaoliivi. I got lovely cards back from Ansku, check out her blog!

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She wore a flowered shirt.

And found a new home here. If you visit, check out the shoe card, it's on my wall now!!

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With these torsos, I'm beginning to think they would be brilliant for Mother's Day...


All dressed up.

I made some torsos last week, this one was the first of them. She looks likes she's going to a wedding or somewhere where you need to be all dressed up. Gotta love the little rose she tucked under her waistband.

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All materials, in case you want to know: the papers are from my collection of paper samples (wall papers and gift wraps), the beads etc. are from various swaps. Using my stash!


Oh, almost forgot...

Happy belated b-day to me! I hit the big 40 last Sunday :)

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I've been working on swaps, here's a little teaser for you all. I'm mailing these next week so then you will see the real things!

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A Flower for You.

Here's a little b-day card I made for a friend using a fun background that you can learn to make here.

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Lisa Vollrath's work is so amazing that every now and then I just have to try to do what she does. I love the little collage squares she makes, and as I was cleaning my desk I realised I had to try them out.

These little babies are cut with my CM square punch, the bigger square is 1 1/2" and the smaller one is 1 1/4".

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Pressies for Bro.

My brother has his Bday tomorrow and I scanned in some old photos for him, here's the cover I made for the CD. Keeping things simple.

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My little DD, now 6 years old, is sooo into beading that she insists on making beaded pressies for everyone. Her uncle will be getting this:

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Darn, the kid has more talent and better concentration than her mom... :)


A Page A Day.

This is so fab; check out mael's blog for her ongoing project "a page a day"; she's commited into doing a page each day, be it journalling, a photo or a note as long as she finalises it in a day. In Finnish only, but hey, art crosses language barriers!



Today is different although it started like any other day: wake-up at 6.15, shower, coffee, head to DD's daycare at 7.35. But at 8, I didn't go to work. I have a 3-month study leave. Wow. Better get to it then...


Happy New Year!

What an exciting evening we had, watched a movie, drank one (1) beer, went to bed at half past eleven! Getting old ain't easy :)

Happy New Year everyone and hope to see more of you and more often!