Do you remember...

Here's the cover and a sample spread from the gift album I just finished. It's a tiny thing, ATC-sized! I used two types of circles as embellishments, and varied only their place a little, keeping it simple. Blurred everyone else's faces but my own, since the photo was taken 29 years ago, I've seen worse shots of myself, lol!

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Scanning in old photos.

I'm working on old photos for a change, well, relatively old, 30 yrs or so. Scannning them in and printing out some of them for a gift album I want to finish this weekend. So many memories, some good laughs and some tears, too.


More ATCs.

I'm on a roll here, ATCs get created, and more swaps are heading my way! Here's what a did for a nature-themed swap.

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Teachers' Gifts.

I've been meaning to post this for a month, lol! Here's what DD made for her teachers, I got some textile pens and cheapo canvas bags and look, it's a designer product!

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Odds and ends.

Some ATCs I made for a swap, well three swaps actually. Kinda like the retro circles myself.

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Monkey business?

I'm telling ya, this kid of mine knows no fear. This is what she does on a playground, and tells people that children who do gymnastics don't get hurt...

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This is the only time I will...

...make a football related reference. Go see this.

And no, I don't like football, but the song that is used there is a recent favourite.