The minicollages I've been doing have been 1.5" x 1.5" so when I saw that Hiekkaoliivi had a swap on inchies (1 x 1 inch collage pieces) I figured it's not that much of a difference. Well, it is!

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I'm frustrated with the mountains of supplies that are taking over my desk and the floor.... Just spent an hour sorting things out and there is no end to it. This is it, I will not buy a single sheet of paper or another pretty little thing before I have finished all projects I've started, that's three (3) albums and a bunch of ATCs and possibly a few minicollages just to use up the leftovers. Will report back accordingly :)


More minicollages.

Little things I made for a swap:

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Daily inspiration.

Get your daily fix of inspiration at the Sepia Art Studio!


Get a hobby.

A little collage piece I made yesterday; acrylic paints and mag cut-outs. The text is kinda funny: "Spring is here. Nature awakes as does the housewives' cleaning frenzy. This year, try something different. Go for a walk. Get a hobby." (Kevät on tullut. Luonto herää. Niin myös perheenemäntien siivoustarmo. Kokeilkaapa uutta keinoa tänä vuonna. Menkää ulos kävelemään. Hankkikaa jokin harrastus.)

Luckily I don't get cleaning frenzies :)

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Another set of altered playing cards, these would make cute bookmarks, I think.

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Kid Art.

My DD is big on making cards, she made over 30 Christmas cards and for the past two days she has been working on Valentine's Day projects. The result: 29 cards, each with a hand-written greeting. Quite an effort for a 6-year-old.

14 of the cards had a simple design that involved a lot of work; she made strings of single crochet stitches, which were glued on to a piece of cardstock. She only needed 13 of these, but I cheated her into making an extra one so I can keep it :) Bad mommy!!

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Altered playing cards.

Just trying out some ideas for a swap. I got these little playing cards from Skybluepink last year and they have been sort of waiting for the right idea to come along. This might be it! First added pieces of a napkin and then the cut-outs from my lovely 1959 Finnish mags. I love the way the suits show through the napkin! The fibers and the beads might be a bit too much -- what do you think, with or without?

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Oh the texts are: on the left "mother does not reply to practical questions" and on the right "quiet sound". I love the image on the right, it's sooo much fun!


Who would have thought...

...that chopping up mags would be so much fun? I'm doing a minicollage swap and needed to try out some ideas; here's the first series I made. Not quite there yet, where-ever that is. The little golden things are watch parts and if you knew what fat fingers I have, you'd really appreciate the fact that I used them!

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