K is for Keepsakes.

Journalling: Keepsakes, mementos, memories. That's what this is all about. Making sure that memories don't fade away in storage boxes or old envelopes.

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Supplies: clock wheels stamp from A Capella (still learning to use gold ink, it's messy); a piece of an clock wheel, a key and some rub-on letters. Keeping it nice and easy!


A Capella.

Go visit A Capella, they have some seriously gorgeous stamps. Anje speaks English, too, so no language barriers for non-German speakers :)


Hard Rock Hallelujah?!

One of the fondest memories from my childhood has to be the one night every year when I was allowed to stay up really late; the night of the Eurovision song contest. I haven't been watching it for years now, but had to last night. Lordi bloody well won the thing. This is so funny!


J is for Journals and for Jouni.

Ok, two ATCs for the letter J.

J is for Journals has a bit of journalling on the back: When I was a kid and had to deal with all the pains of growing up, I did a lot of journalling. Somewhere along the journey I lost my voice. I'm now learning to write about me and my life again.

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Supplies: Background stamp from TAC and the key diecut is made with my QuicKutz.

J is for Jouni has a name of a song scribbled on the back. The song pretty much summarizes how I've been feeling lately. Oh and Jouni is a friend, in case you wonder, and he will get this card as soon as he asks me over for coffee (Sunday ok for you?).

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Supplies: the letter stencil is from Ma Vinci (I love that place!!), it's been covered with all sorts of randomly stamped images from Ink and the Dog, Ma Vinci and Sunday International. A little dragonfly brad on the one corner and a bat eyelet on the other; a bit of an inside joke there.

Note: I think I'm running low on creative fuels at the moment. I want my mojo back!!

Edited to add the missing word :)


Shop to save.

Sample ATC from a series I did for a vintage swap at Ihan Itse.

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Supplies: Background stamp from TAC, shoe stamp Ma Vinci (I think...) (stamped on aged cardstock, cut out and glued in), a little vintage discount stamp, a little inking here and there.


I is for Imperfect.

Journalling: If I aimed for perfection, I would never finish anything. So I'm learning to embrace imperfection.

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I was tempted to play with the letters a little and make the word read "I'm perfect" but it was too much of a hassle, lol.

Supplies: background and letter stamps from Ma Vinci, dragonfly maybe from Sunday International, some beads making the scan fuzzy :)

Oh BTW, if anyone ever wants to buy me a t-shirt, thiswould be nice.


H is for Home.

Journalling: I love our home, with all its clutter and dust and endless cat hair. I also love fancy zines that give you the latest trends in home decor. But I wouldn't trade our home for any of their fancy creations.

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Supplies: Everything is recycled, the card is cut of a panel sample, and decorated with clip-outs from an old wall calendar and an issue of Good Housekeeping.


Happy Mother's Day to you and yours.

I suggest you go and read Lisa Vollrath's site if you haven't already done so. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon!


An idea that failed (big time).

Ok, so I had an idea of making a cutesy summer card for a friend, I had all sorts of fun materials to play with and in my mind's eye it looked great. Put it together in real life and... no good. Oh well, can't win every time!

Oh and I will post the failed thing, too, let it be a reminder that it's ok to try new things, lol!
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Supplies: Finnish postage stamp, silk flower, brad, all sorts of inks, and finally slide holder and tiny thermometer from one of my favourite shops skybluepink.


Back to basics?

I got some lovely flower diecuts from Maiju, almost too cute to be used! I love simple things, so here's one for you all :)

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G is for George.

Here's finally G for my ABCs. George, of course. Can't help it, love his looks, acting is not too bad either, but those eyes...

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Happy 1st of May!

Report on our May 1st festivities: went to the market square where people gather round noon (some for political reasons, some for other), bought DD an ice cream cone, had lunch, got the obligatory balloon for DD (featuring Disney princess characters this year), walked home and collapsed for a nap! Off to a friends' house in a bit and later to the movies to see Syriana. Will try to post my ATC for the letter G tomorrow, be prepared for a big laugh then!