J is for Journals and for Jouni.

Ok, two ATCs for the letter J.

J is for Journals has a bit of journalling on the back: When I was a kid and had to deal with all the pains of growing up, I did a lot of journalling. Somewhere along the journey I lost my voice. I'm now learning to write about me and my life again.

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Supplies: Background stamp from TAC and the key diecut is made with my QuicKutz.

J is for Jouni has a name of a song scribbled on the back. The song pretty much summarizes how I've been feeling lately. Oh and Jouni is a friend, in case you wonder, and he will get this card as soon as he asks me over for coffee (Sunday ok for you?).

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Supplies: the letter stencil is from Ma Vinci (I love that place!!), it's been covered with all sorts of randomly stamped images from Ink and the Dog, Ma Vinci and Sunday International. A little dragonfly brad on the one corner and a bat eyelet on the other; a bit of an inside joke there.

Note: I think I'm running low on creative fuels at the moment. I want my mojo back!!

Edited to add the missing word :)

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Can't wait to get the card! I think sunday should be ok. And being the sort of friend that I am, can't help mentioning that isn't there a "much" missing in the text? ;)