Greetings from Vuokatti!

Ha, this is the kind of vacation I like, a fully equipped house with a fast internet connection! Having a wonderful time :)


Look what I got!

My secret friend did it again, she sent me the most amazing goodies, including a sweet little maze-book! Thank you so much... mrs vsop! The scan above is horrid and as soon as I lay my hands on a camera or get confirmation from mrs vsop that she has posted the maze-book, I'll come back and edit!

Tuhannet kiitokset sinulle SAYni, mrs vsop, kaikista upeista lahjoista ja muistamisista ja eritoten tuosta maze-kirjasesta! Piditpäs jännitystä yllä viimeiseen asti! Mulla ei ole just nyt kameraa käsillä, jos sulla on tuosta kirjasta parempia kuvia, niin postaatko blogissasi, niin linkkaan sitten sinne??

Tuo kuva yllä on tosiaan kamala, mutta paketissa oli paperipaketti ja nauhoja (ruskeita, kuinkas muutenkaan), tarroja, höyheniä, lisää paperia, Scrapbook inspirations-lehti, jonka mukana tuli vielä lisää tarroja ja paperia ja vielä oli ohransiemeniä pääsiäistä varten ja viimeisenä, mutta ei vähäisimpänä, maze-kirjanen!

Oh and whose secret friend was I? I had the pleasure to spoil Hemmamamma.
Ja mie oli Hemmamamman SAYna, joten kaikki on nyt paljastettu mitä paljastettavaa on?!


What the heck!?

My photos are gone! What the heck.... Will look into this, but hopefully they will be back....

Edited: Ok, Photobucket is having issues, let's see if the photos will work later on, if not, I will upload them again like I did below :) Keep your fingers crossed!


Another set of ATCs.

Still playing with fibers and inks and having a wonderful time! I used pop dots on the lingerie one to give it extra dimension, it turned out kinda groovy!


More metal for me!

What a perfect way to start a week that has been otherwise miserable (got a cold): a letter from my secret friend! Everything was wrapped in shades of brown and orange, so she must have read my details carefully :)

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Kiitos SAYni tästä loistavasta viikonavauksesta, olen kotona kuumeessa ja pakettisi totisesti piristi!


Aha, that took me long!

Ok, so I had to come back and post this one:

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I'm doing an ATC-swap with fibers included and been toying with ideas. Not the most original outcome, but works for me!

Ready, set, go!

DD's preschool has next week off, so we are getting ready to spend some quality time over at her grandparents' house! I might stop by with an update on a few small pieces I'm working on now, but no promises made :)