Christmas Journal: Days 2 and 3

Day 2

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Journalling: Dashing through the snow
The Finnish winter is all about snow and coldness. It's December, the temperatures are above zero and it's raining. It's dark.
If there is no snow on Christmas, I don't know what becomes of our plans. DD dreams of sledding, I'd like to take a little walk before coming home to hot coffee and chocolates. Also Aksu the Cat is usually taken for a Christmas walk, he doens't like the snow but hates the rain so there better be snow before Christmas Eve.

(I need to apply some more chalks on this one, lol, it looks bland!)

Day 3

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Journalling: Christmas cards

Some years I make more cards than others, last year I topped 50, but I don't think I'll make as many this year.
DD has learned the cardmaking from me, and some of the best pre-Christmas moments are when we take out our supplies, put the candy somewhere near and work away. One needs energy!

Attached is the prototype for 2006.

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