Oh I changed the blog's name

I seem to have renamed this blog again -- I wonder why I can't find a title that would please me. Maybe it's just because it's Monday?

Again, a bit of my old work, sets for a tag-swap. How very pink of me!

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Oh no, it's winter. I haven't scrapped a single photo from last summer yet and took pics of the first snow yesterday...

The Joensuu webcam gives you an idea of the weather here.


Hei se on Franklin...

Sataa. Väsyttää. Onneksi likalla on oma tietokoneensa ja Franklin-peli. Itse koitan saada kovalevyä järjestykseen, koneeni tarvitsee päivityksiä. Tämmöinen löytyi kuvia selatessa, kaikkea sitä ihminen on ehtinyt vääntämään...

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Edit: Älysin sitten pyöräyttää kuvan oikein päin, nehän on ilmiselviä kahvipannuja kun oikein katsoo... Leimasin TAC, muste versamark, kultainen kohojauhe tuntematon, kultalankaa, aijoo ja bazzillin kartonkia. Hyvät tuli!



I love recycling, and this goes for craft supplies, too. Here's a little something I did for a card challenge (people stuff an envie full of supplies and the envie goes round and round...).
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Midlife crisis?

Maybe it's the dark autumn evenings, maybe it's the sleepless nights, maybe it's the darn flu that I've been fighting for three weeks now...I've been in a crisis -- serious lack of inspiration.

Nothing I do seems right, there's always something just a little bit off. I've realised a long time ago that I will never be a great scrapper or cardmaker but until now I've been pretty happy with what I've made. Except that I cannot use patterned paper, all that Basic Grey is just sitting there!! Maybe I should hang it on the wall?

Found something that helped me a little, lovely lovely stamps by Ink and the Dog . Got my order today and while DD was napping made a bunch of simple cards. It felt so right!

There might be hope after all.