Spending less.

I came across this. I'm doing it with the parameters that I will cut "luxury items" from our grocery list (no sodas or candy or anything we don't really need) as well as trips to the closest take aways and cafes. I will not buy any craft supplies during the month of September. I will spend less time watching tv and more time with my family (they don't know I'm doing this yet...). Let's see how it goes.

As to the why, it makes sense, doesn't it. I can live with less, my family can live with less. There are others who need more, so why not try to create some balance. If you think it's naive, then try it first.

Oh, and at the end of the month I will make a donation to Save the Children.

Wanna join the challenge?

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owlhaven kirjoitti...

We're doing this too...

Mary, mom to many