Sunday sermon. Kinda.

So my desk is clean and I'm ready to finalise the album from our family holiday to Germany in 2005. I had the photos printed like two weeks after the trip and I've started to work on the album many times, you know, well planned work.... Here comes the but, I never kept a journal during the trip, and it's really difficult to produce wonderful, deep and meaningful journaling when all you remember is that it was really hot and you carried huge bottles of water around. So I called a family meeting, we sat down and looked at the photos and managed to squeeze out a couple of fun memories. DD journalled on one of the pages, as did DH, that was cool.

Jotting down notes every day of the trip would have helped. Finishing the album after the trip would have helped. Being brave and just getting to it finally helped.

If you wanna read more about journalling, go e.g. to Ali Edward's newsletter.

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