I've been tagged!

Raisa tagged me to reveal seven facts about myself, and I will, but as most of the people I know have been tagged already, I will not forward this :)

1. I'm disorganised. Very disorganised. Amazingly enough I've rarely lost anything important. DH may disagree. (No I did not loose him, silly!)

2. I like doing laundry, but never iron. Well maybe once a year. My sister, on the other hand, irons everything, incl. towels, so I figure that results in a balance.

3. I work in communications.

4. My friends tend to be younger than me, so either they are really mature or I'm just terribly immature. (Anyone want to comment here??)

5. I laugh out loud when I fall asleep, DH confirms and thinks it's weird.

6. I have 4 pairs of jeans that are so worn out that they cannot be worn in public but I cannot let go of them.

7. I like to hang out at the ice hall when DD has her figureskating practise and have a cup of coffee everytime I go there. And complain about it. It's bad, really bad coffee.

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Raisa kirjoitti...

Kiva lukea vähän lisää sinusta :)
Mullekkin tuo silittäminen on niiin vaikeeta, ahdistaa!
Ja ystäväni taitavat myös melkein kaikki olla nuorempia, varmaan se on epäkypsyyttä, eläköön lapsenmielisyys ;)