A Capella.

Go visit A Capella, they have some seriously gorgeous stamps. Anje speaks English, too, so no language barriers for non-German speakers :)

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Ziina kirjoitti...

minulla meni reilu viikko ennenkuin sain vastauksen kyselyyni, Anjen lapset eivät puhu englantia ja olivat jättäneet sähköpostit lojumaan lootaan loman aikana.

minnako kirjoitti...

Ziina (see above) points out that it took her more than a week to get a reply because Anje's kids don't speak English and her email was not replied during holidays.

I am personally very happy with Anje's services and would be glad to recommend her stamps to anyone. Anyone who runs a small business knows that sometimes things just take time. In my case, I wouldn't have minded a little waiting because I had heard only good things of A Capella and really really really wanted the stamps :)
Over the years I've learned to have a little patience when it comes to dealing with small businesses because they often have the best products as well as the nicest people!

If you have further experiences of dealing with Anje, please send feedback to her, I don't think she is reading my blog and hence will be unable to benefit from your comments :) If you want to praise the stamps, pls feel free to do so!